3 Modern Fashions To Express What You Love

Fashion has always been important in human culture, and fads have been a thing forever. The first time a caveperson put an animal skin around their waist, someone probably grunted whatever meant “hipster” at them, then went off to find their own animal skin. Maybe they bedazzled their loincloths with old bones they had lying around. In Queen Elizabeth’s time, people shaved their foreheads and wore fluffy neck braces. A hundred years ago, it was common to dress boys and girls in petticoats. The point is, people have always wanted to look good.

Fashion is more than just looking good though. Fashion is a statement, quite literally, about who you are and where you want to belong. An Ivy League professor will probably not wear a dog collar and lip ring to work, just as you’ll never find a Who concert full of tuxedos and sherry. That doesn’t mean one style is better than any other, but you should be aware what your clothing says about you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the fashions today.


hipster boy sitting against graffitied wall

 hipster girl with blue bike

hipster graffiti on a brick wall

Hipsters are a very broad category of people who value countercultural fashion, typically earning them the ire of those not in the group. Hipsters often wear vintage clothing, or clothing otherwise eschewed by the mainstream culture. Common hipster fashion items include fedoras, knit hats, vests, skinny jeans, merchandise from a band you’ve probably never heard of, and thick framed glasses. Male hipsters often grow some type of facial hair, the more stylized and non-mainstream the better.





 two punks with dark jackets and spiky red hair


 punks hanging out in a plaza

Punks are often misunderstood as angry, aggressive people due to the style of music they like and their fashion choices. The fashion is meant to exude an extreme look. Where hipsters see themselves as a counterculture, punks could be styled an anti-culture. They don’t want to reform the system, they want to tear the whole thing down. At least, metaphorically. You see this in their choice of hairstyle which is not just meant to be different, but meant to shock with unnatural colors and extreme spiky styles such as mohawks. Punks often wear leather clothing with metal studs, ripped denim, or plaid. Underneath the extreme fashion though, punks tend to be friendly and down to earth. Just don’t mention that you like Green Day.




guy wearing ghostbusters t-shirt and nintendo belt



larpers dressed in armor standing in field


three girls at defective geeks table


I know. I know. Believe me, I know. Nerds and geeks are NOT the same thing. However, at their core, both nerds and geeks dress to show their deep love of something, whether it be Firefly, Game of Thrones, or the Fibonacci Sequence. And it just so happens that the same or similar interests often appeal to both groups. For example, if you see someone wearing a tucked in, button-up shirt with a pocket protector and taped glasses you might think they’re a nerd. But underneath that button-up they might be wearing a “Goonies Never Say Die” t-shirt, which would be considered more of a geek thing. The basic rule of nerdery and/or geekery is this: if it’s something you love, wear it! Even if that includes armor or a cloak. Nerds and geeks don’t usually feel a great desire to look fashionable or trendy, as long as they are spreading the Gospel of the Winchesters. And I think that’s something we can all respect.

Try: "jack boot", leather, size 9, suede...