3 years ago by Shawn Stevens
Taft Lineup for Fall 2016

(Please note: We WILL be restocking previous styles....these are just the new ones to look forward to.)

The Rome Boot

The Jack Boot in grey/brown


The Troy Boot in olive


The Troy Boot in black/gold

(Yes...that is gold leather lining)


The Mack Boot in sand


The Outback Boot in ash


The Outback Boot in taupe


The Mack Boot in espresso


The Rook in cherry


The Rook in grey


The Calder in black


The Beck in Cherry


The Kennedy in Sand


If you want a glimpse into our factory, check this out...





A note from Kory:

I am very proud of the new styles that we have coming. I work very hard to design unique shoes and I feel like we have some really killer shoes in this mix. The quality is always getting better and better, and these shoes are even better than our previous styles. We are introducing a new last (The London last) with the Outback boot. It's a bit more rounded and designed for comfort. The Jude Boot and the Outback Boot are made on different lasts and will give a bit different look. The London last is not as aggressive and is built for comfort, where the Jude Boot (Bristol last) is a high fashion, aggressive silhouette. We are also introducing a crepe sole. This is an extremely comfortable type of sole. We sourced a brown estate (specific type of crepe sole) sole unit in a few different colors. Very comfortable, very durable, and looks great. 

I am most excited about the Rome Boot. This is a style I have been working on for a while and finally feel like it is ready. I sourced a beautiful, milled Italian leather for the upper to give it that texture. It takes three different coats of paint (video coming!!) to get that richness in the leather. It really is a work of art and I feel very proud of this boot. I am also really excited about the Outback Boot in grey...you will find me wearing that boot every day with a pair of slim selvedge denim jeans and a flannel shirt this Fall. 

It has been an amazing, overwhelming, exciting first year for Taft. I launched our shoes last November and the reception has been amazing. I felt a lot of pressure to follow up our first releases with something really special, and I feel like we did it. Thank you all so much for the love, support, and excitement about Taft. Going the direct-to-consumer route has its challenges, but it is paying off. We can offer you top, top quality at a beautiful price point. This is a brand I have built for the people...I want everyone to have access to top quality. Thank you for an amazing year and here's to many more to come!

With love and gratitude, 




Try: "jack boot", leather, size 9, suede...